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The Natural Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

Nowadays, everyone knows that wood floors are better for your health and the environment than carpets filled with formaldehyde and other chemicals.

Hardwood floors look shiny for most of the time; however, there is one major problem with hardwood floors. Wood floors get dirty easily.

As a result, we have a regular battle on our hands against “tumble dust”, which seems to reappear the minute we clean up the floors atour apartment, house, loft or office space.

But once you can get that under control, you still have to clean your hardwood floors once in a while to maintain that nice shine. And instead of buying some “made for wood floors” chemical, there are ways to make the hardwood floor clean and make it shine without using harsh chemicals. In fact, only natural cleaning methods are used, whichare also common householdgoods.

Before you try to make the hardwood floor sparkle using chemicals, try to clean the hardwood floor using vinegar and water. A small amount of vinegar in a bucket of warm water will do wonders to your hardwood floor. Make sure your floor is sealed and you wring out excess water before mopping the floors, as too much water could  potentiallydamage the wood.

That all being said, once they are clean, you can now work on making them shine. And here is how you should do it:

If you have natural unsealed wood floors (very unlikely), you can use linseed oil with a rag, allow it to soak in for a little while, and then mop it up with a little more oil.

For sealed floors, you can use 1 part white vinegar to 1 part vegetable oil to give it a great shine. Just combine the two, grab a rag, and rub it in like you are polishing a car. Be ready to be surprised by the shine!

You can of course use commercial products to achieve shine hardwood floors, however, for those of you who like to keep things simple and within budget, natural wood floor cleaners are easy to make and very inexpensive.